About Us

New and fresh is what I’m all about. A one man show… my name is Ed and welcome to my consulting firm. A solo operator in the world wide web realm. Why? Control… in fact full control on how I deliver my range of online services to you. The number one priority is your business. I strive to deliver the best and nothing less. Don’t believe, then why not trial me for 30 days. Obligation free of course.

Located in Perth, Australia. I have a close fondness for Perth local businesses. But as my business, will no doubt grow.. I will be considering eastern state based businesses and even oversea ones!

Watch this space, as I will be uploading a photo of me.

As mentioned above, I am the newest and freshest face out there when it comes to getting your business online. The so called “weh weh weh” (aka www) world!

Freshly established in January 2016. I’m here to stay for the long term. No one hit wonder here!

Go on and try out some of my services.