Storage Perth WA

We’re showcasing another valued client of ours. this time around it is a storage provider in Perth. The company, simply known as Storage Perth WA (trading under Crusader Storage), offers a variety of storage services. Whether you need a self storage unit or a decent sized and secured storage for your pride and joy sports car. They have it all.

Storage Perth WA first came to us needing help with rebranding of their new micro site.  Owner Shannan explained how he wanted his company to be the best and most efficient storage service provider in Perth. As most business owners know, public perception is everything. “People have to trust businesses to look after their personal belongings” said Shannan. He also added “That is why we strive to be the best and most professional as we can possibly be”. This is evident from our very first meeting with Shannan, he oozes passion for what he does and we wanted to emulate that in his website.

How we accomplished that was finding out the company’s values and what they truly an deeply believe in when it comes to business. The first thing they mentioned was family. Each and everyone of their employee said that family was the most important thing in their life. So we built a family orientated site that caters families, not just corporate clients. Building on this foundation, we will continue to work on their branding to reflect their value and of course the storage services they offer.

Since we’re showcasing their business, as a way to say thank you for using us, here’s a quick brief summary of the services they offer:

  • Domestic storage which includes self-storage units, self-storage lockers and even vehicle storage containers
  • Commercial storage catering for most businesses requiring storage requirements, big or small

So help our client to help you! If you’re looking for storage in Perth, then please call Storage Perth WA! You’d be surprise to the rates they offer, compared to some of the big players in the market.

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